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Windows and Doors Graphics / Perforated / Frosted

Enhancing your windows and doors with beautiful graphics can bring elegance to a restaurant or office space, promote sales, increase brand awareness or create privacy, and in many cases provide a combination of all of these. With our experience and expertise, we can help you achieve the look you want and increase the function of your windows and doors.

There are different types of windows graphics.

Frosted Vinyl:

Gives the illusion of frosted glass. Can be applied with solid, full coverage, or cut revealing shapes of clear glass. Frosted vinyl also can be printed full colour, to give a frosted / translucent color appearance. Ideal for settings where privacy is needed and a message or image is desired, and light transmission is desired. Frosted vinyl works well both indoors and out.

We have a wide selection of white, black, and other solid-color pigmented vinyls perfect for cut-graphics applications. White is by far the most popular choice for entrance door vinyl because it’s the most visible. However, solid pigmented vinyl can also be used effectively inside and is popular for exterior glass. All colors are available on a per-project basis. We only use high-quality, long-lasting vinyls so you can be confident your graphics will last.

Full-color Perforated Printed Vinyl:
Perforated window media is generally applied to the outside of exterior glass windows. Full-color graphics are viewable from outside the building, while people inside can see out, with the look of window tinting or a light screen from the inside. However, it’s important to note that perforated vinyl provides privacy during the day, but if internal lights are on at night and the exterior of the building is dark, people will be able to see into the building at night.

Lionsigns windows and doors graphics
We will help to choose between different types of window and door decals to get the perfect look for your business. Whether you want to go with window frosting, film, or decals, we have options that will work well within your budget. Plus, we can help you put everything together into a cohesive design that will either get you noticed or keep prying eyes away, depending on what your needs are.
We serve clients across Richmond Hill, Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, Mississauga, Ajax, Oshawa, Barrie, Ottawa, Burlington, and the GTA.

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